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Slicing through perovskite space:Structure-property relationships of titanate-based perovskites


Slicing through perovskite space:

Structure-property relationships of titanate-based perovskites

Speaker: Derek C Sinclair

Department of Materials Science & Engineering


Perovskite-based oxides exhibit many useful physical properties, e.g. ferroelectricity, piezoelectricity, oxide-ion conduction, superconductivity, correlated magnetism etc. As ‘new/modified’ perovskites continue to be discovered and their physical properties optimized our understanding of perovskite science continues to improve. In this presentation, we will discuss the structure-composition-dielectric property relationships of three different classes of titanate-based perovskites.University of Sheffield, UK

Professor Derek C Sinclair CV:

Education: (i) B.Sc. Honors Chemistry, First Class (1982-1986), University of Aberdeen. (ii) PhD ‘Electrical Characterization of Ferroelectric Oxides’, (1986-1989) University of Aberdeen, supervisor: Professor Anthony R. West.

Work Experience:DCS joined the University of Sheffield in 1999 from the University of Aberdeen where he was a lecturer in the Chemistry Department from 1994-9. Previously, he was a lecturer at the University of Leeds (School of Materials), 1993-4, a Research Fellow at the Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Superconductivity, Cambridge, 1992-3 and a Post Doctoral Research Assistant in the Chemistry Department at the University of Aberdeen, 1989-1992. 

Professional Activities: Member of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Peer Review College (Functional Materials). Member of the Institute of Materials, Mining and Manufacturing (IOM3) Materials Chemistry and Structure of Materials Committees. Editorial Board Member for the Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan.

时 间:2011年9月15日上午9:30

地 点:四号楼14楼第一会议室


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