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InfraredRadiative Properties of Nanomaterials and Metamaterials


 Key Lab of Inorganic Coating Materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences 


 InfraredRadiative Properties of Nanomaterials and Metamaterials 

  报告人: 张卓敏教授 




  张卓敏教授主要从事微纳米传热学基础,辐射测温法,热物理特性,光散射等方面的研究广泛应用于与能量转换,热力测量学,光电子学,导体制造。发表150余篇专业论文,获得两项美国专利,出版微纳米传热专著1。他是ASME传热分会的纳米尺度热传输(K9)的创始人;ASME传热分会热物性(K7)委员会主席。他同时还担任Journal of Heat Transfer, International Journal of Thermophysics, Journal of Quantitative Spectroscope and Radiative Transfer等多个期刊的副主编,荣获1999年美国青年科学家和工程师总统奖,2000年美国机械工程师协会传热司最佳论文奖,2005年美国航空工业协会热物理学最佳论文奖 


  Spectral and directional control of radiative properties by engineered micro/nanostructures has enormous applications in photonics, microelectronics, and energy conversion systems.Plasmonic metamaterials have attracted extensive attention due to their diversity and tenability in controlling electromagnetic waves. There has been great excitement in the past 15 years with the discovery of a new type of material, namely, metamaterials that can exhibit exotic properties, such as a negative refractive index, invisible cloaking, and near-field imaging. The uniqueness of metamaterials is the ability to create a magnetic resonance, also called magnetic polaritons. Graphene is a two-dimensional monatomic layer of carbon material with promising applications because of its unique electronic and optical properties. In this presentation, I will summarize some of our recent studies on tailoring the spectral radiative properties using periodic gratings and metamaterial structures. The effects of surface plasmonpolaritons (SPPs) and magnetic polaritons (MPs) on controlling the radiative properties will be demonstrated. The role of graphene-coupled polariton absorption in plasmonic metamaterials will also be addressed. 


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