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Advanced and Emerging PV Technologies
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The State Key Lab of
High Performance Ceramics and Superfine Microstructure
Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences



Advanced and Emerging PV Technologies


Dr. Qi Wang

National Center for the Photovoltaics

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Golden, CO USA

时间:2012年03月20日(星期二)上午 9:00




Photovoltaics technologies are still at the beginning to be a significant part of electricity generation despite the rapid growth of solar industry since last decade. The recent slow down of solar market is detrimental to the PV companies but will promote solar researches and development, and more important, innovations. In this talk, advanced, both evolutional and disruptive, and emerging PV technologies will be reviewed. Those technologies will play an imperative role to further promote and grow the solar market in the future.

ph:303-384-6681, fax 303-384 6700, email: qi.wang@nrel.gov

Author Biography

Dr. Qi Wang serves as group manager of Si materials and devices group at NREL. Dr. Wang is the principle investigator of wafer Si agreement with the Department of Energy, USA, and project leaders of a-Si:H based solar cells and high efficiency c-Si heterojunction solar cells. He received his B.S. in physics from Peking University, China; M.S. in physics from Western Illinois University; and Ph.D. in solid state physics from Syracuse University. Over 20 years, Dr. Wang has experienced solar cells fabrication, materials and devices characterization, device physics, and design and built thin-film deposition research tools. He published over 200 journal and conference papers, and organized many conferences.

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