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储能用碳材料设计和制备 2011-02-22
高性能陶瓷和超微结构国家重点实验室开放课题交流学术年会(2010年度)会议议程表 2010-12-15
热电能量转换材料中的基础问题和性能优化 2010-11-19
Organogels: Structure, Properties, Kinetics and Applications in Templated Syntheses 2010-10-22
Introduction to Computational Thermodynamics and Software: CaTCalc 2010-10-18
Direct observation of Li in lithium ion battery cathode materials 2010-10-09
异质与复杂一维纳米结构及其原型器件的可控构筑 2010-09-28
肿瘤的生物治疗进展 2010-07-05
Thermal Energy Transport and Conversion in Nanostructured and Complex Materials 2010-06-07
Nucleation of tetrahedral solids from their melt by molecular dynamics 2010-05-26
Interfacial “Phase” Transitions –Solving Old Materials Science Problems and Tackling New Energy Challenges 2010-05-17
Chemistry in Confined Space 2010-05-10
扫描电镜在材料研究中的应用 2010-04-28
Implementation of Advanced Silicon Nitride Ceramics for Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Applications 2010-04-07
Thermionics in nanostructured systems 2010-03-23
半导体纳米晶薄膜/纳米结构的可控生长及其在染料太阳电池中的应用 2010-03-23
The Italian Aerospace Research Centre (CIRA) Activities in the Field of Hot Structures 2010-03-08
液相烧结碳化硅陶瓷的微结构基础 2010-03-02
One-Dimensional Alignment of Monodispersed, Silica Nanospheres with Block Copolymer 2010-02-22
高性能陶瓷和超微结构国家重点实验室开放课题基金年度学术交流年会(2009年度) 2009-12-16
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