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Oxygen Electrocatalysis on Transition Metal Spinel Oxides 2019-06-18
X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) and Its Application in Material Surface and Interface Characterization 2019-06-17
DIRECTIONALLY SOLIGIFIED EUTECTICS in the Al2O3-ZrO2-Ln2O3 SYSTEMS (Ln=lanthanidas) 2019-05-30
Designing high-performance thermoelectric Mg3Sb2 and its analogues by combining theory and experiment 2019-05-24
Beyond diffusion limit defect imaging and independent determination of the electron and hole density near individual defects in semiconductors using correlative Raman and photoluminescence imaging 2019-05-22
The Role of Electrons in Nominally lonic Ceramics 2019-05-21
Entropy Engineering in Multi-Principal-Element Alloyed SnTe 2019-05-17
Structural Analysis of Functional Materials: Complexity and Challenges 2019-05-17
Interface Engineering for 2D Phosphorene Based Optoelectronic Devices 2019-05-10
Ternary Phase Diagram Construction 2019-05-07
Engineering Silver Nanowires Networks: From Transparent Electrodes to Multifunctional Devices 2019-04-30
Hyperbranched polyethoxysiloxane-a unique silica precursor polymer for preparation of silica-based nanostructured materials 2019-04-08
Functional branched metallosiloxane oligomers: synthesis and PDMS composites based on them 2019-04-08
Device Innovations Enabled by Advanced Contact Technology 2019-03-15
Strong Metal Support Interaction (SMSI) in Catalysis:The Oxidative Case 2019-02-28
高性能陶瓷和超微结构国家重点实验室第七届学术委员会第一次会议日程 2019-01-25
金属氧硫族热电材料的进展:结构,性能和传输机理 2019-01-04
重费米子超导体的角分辨光电子能谱研究 2018-12-21
New Application of Ferroelectrc of Materials Science 2018-12-19
集成计算材料中心特邀学术报告会 2018-12-17
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