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生物医用界面的仿生修饰与组装 2017-12-15
新能源纳米材料的设计和应用前景 2017-12-15
Molecular design and functionalization of nanomaterial an efficient way to high performance polymer nanocomposites 2017-12-15
材料基因创新设计国际交流论坛 2017-12-14
Microscopic Insights into Conductivity and Stability of Solid Electrolyte Interfaces 2017-12-11
金属性催化材料的表界面研究:吸附和催化 2017-12-05
高性能陶瓷和超微结构国家重点实验室2015年度开放基金课题结题学术交流会 2017-11-30
Electronic Excitations in Materials: From Photovoltaics to Plasmonics 2017-11-09
Laser-Induced Pressure-Wave and BarocAloric effect During flash diffusivity measurements 2017-10-31
Organically-Capped Metal Nanoparticles for Soft Plasmonics, Soft Electronics and Targeted Theranostics 2017-10-19
2017重点实验室青年学术交流会 II 2017-10-12
青年学术交流会I 2017-10-09
Metal Supported Solid Oxide Cells with Thin-film Electrolyte 2017-09-12
高级建筑门窗研究的最新进展 2017-08-22
Computational Catalysis for Energy-related Applications 2017-07-19
Wearable Thermoelectric Generators Powered by Body Heat 2017-07-18
Building the Next Generation Batteries 2017-06-29
多孔炭制备,结构调控与应用 2017-06-19
What Can We Learn from DFT Calculations in Heterogeneous Catalysis 2017-06-14
Thermal Conductivity of Two-Dimensional Materials 2017-06-13
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