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Landscape of competing stripe orders in cuprate superconductors: first-principles interplay of spin, charge, and lattice degrees of freedom 2018-07-18
Energy Research & High Impact Publishing in Joule 2018-07-04
计算含能材料学面临的挑战 2018-07-02
表面科学和先进表征技术在钙钛矿材料及太阳能电池上的应用 2018-06-22
Polymer Nanocomposite Dielectrics for Energy Storage: Fundamentals, Recent Progresses & Future Perspectives 2018-06-20
Inorganic chalcogenide solids: from discovery to design and applications 2018-06-19
集成计算中心计算所创新项目年度学术交流会 2018-06-13
Recent development in phase change memory materials using time-dependent density functional theory 2018-05-30
仿生多尺度孔道的研究 2018-05-25
Near-Infrared Optical Bioimaging Guided Diagnosis and Therapy,半导体光热纳米材料的设计、合成及其在肿瘤诊疗中的应用 2018-05-16
仿生多尺度孔道的研究 2018-04-19
Strategies for Controlled Assembly at the Nanoscale 2018-04-13
Carbon Allotropes in Perovskite Solar Cells 2018-04-13
Platinum Electrochemistry and Electrocatalysis: Unraveling the Origins of Its Unique Behavior 2018-04-11
学术报告 2018-03-20
多尺度模拟计算讲座 2018-03-05
无损检测技术在陶瓷制造与工业产品开发中的应用 2018-01-12
FeSi2基热电材料的相变、微结构与性能优化 2018-01-12
生物医用界面的仿生修饰与组装 2017-12-15
新能源纳米材料的设计和应用前景 2017-12-15
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