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高性能陶瓷和超微结构国家重点实验室青年学术交流会(第三期) 2016-11-10
高性能陶瓷和超微结构国家重点实验室青年学术交流会(第二期) 2016-11-08
高性能陶瓷和超微结构国家重点实验室青年学术交流会(第一期) 2016-10-27
The Thermoelectric Energy Conversion:Copper Chalcogenides with extremely Low Thermal Conductivity and Magnesium Silicides with High Thermoelectric Performance 2016-10-27
室温钠离子电池新材料研究 2016-10-24
稀土资源高效利用与稀土磁性材料 2016-10-18
原子光谱和质谱在材料研究中的应用 2016-10-12
Engineering the phonon transport in half-Heusler materials through a bottom-up nanostructure synthesis approach 2016-09-26
材料导热性能的测量与剖析 2016-09-12
光转换光、电与热材料及其相对应用于固态照明、能源与生物医学 2016-09-06
Decoding the Materials Genome via Comprehending “2-D Interfacial Phases” 2016-08-16
Computer simulation for the synthesis of nano particles using FSP and process control for thermal spray 2016-08-16
基于原子层沉积的新型纳米催化剂设计 2016-08-10
Fundamental Considerations in Rechargeable Batteries 2016-07-21
Theory-guided synthesis of an eco-friendly and low-cost copper-based sulfide thermoelectric material 2016-07-14
Acoustic Phase-Change Droplets in Ultrasound Theranostics 2016-07-12
Fluoride Crystals: High Performance for Photonic Devices 2016-07-11
常见化学分析方法及其在材料科学中的应用 2016-07-07
In Situ Study of Functionality of Advanced Materials using SPM Techniques 2016-06-23
Large anharmonic phonons in thermoelectrics and complex oxides from first-principles 2016-06-16
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