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Materials science publishing (at Elsevier and beyond) 2015-07-16
Osteoimmunomodulation in the development of bone substitutes 2015-05-14
Mechanical signals' modulation of living cells 2015-03-31
2014生物材料表面/界面研讨会 2014-12-05
多功能高分子载体的制备与应用 2014-11-17
多能干细胞与心肌修复 2014-10-09
Acceleration of Li2O2 Electrochemical Decomposition in Li-O2 Battery 2014-09-28
Clinical applications of regenerative medicine in treating major injuries 2014-09-26
Processing of Controlled Macro and Microporous Ceramics. Applications to Bone Substitutes and Functional Composites 2014-08-22
Shaping of ceramics by selective laser melting of powder and fast laser machining of green bodies, 2 processes for rapid prototyping 2014-08-22
Integrating Bioactive Signals into Polymers for Tissue Engineering Applications 2014-06-17
Sharing materials science: an introduction to Elsevier's journals and how to make your research known 2014-06-06
From Biomechanics to Mechanobiology and Mechanochemistry 2014-05-14
静电纺/熔喷复合滤材的制备及其在血液过滤中的应用 2014-04-22
飞秒激光超精细加工原理与技术 2014-04-14
Ion substituted bioceramics 2014-04-04
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